A K S Vashikaran

Yes,do vashikaran in midnight,by our specialist baba ji.

Vashikaran means abducting in somebody means to subdue someone. The most important thing for this - meditation It is only a matter of concentrating your mind for the subject matter that you desire to control. Carefully communicates the wonderful energy in our body. Since ancient times, our sages became stiff with meditation, they had a different sharpness and smile on their faces. The more we meditate or meditate, the more our personality will be reflected. We will get confused with confidence and in this way it will be easier to control the person who is in front. This is the Vashikaran Absolute tricks and methods of vasectomy: Tearing the roots of white dipping into the forehead causes all the people to become absorbed. If the person tilak the root of the sweet and white sandalwood at the time of the solar eclipse, then the woman who is watching will be subdued. If you put Rai and Piyangu on the woman by pleading with 'Hari' Mantra, she will be in control. On Saturday, make a statue of a beautiful figure and write the name of the desired woman on her stomach and show her the name of which is written. Then put the pupil on the chest and keep it. This will emanate the woman. The seed of Bijora and grinded with the onion seeds, which will be smeared, will be absorbed. After mixing coconut in Kharal and mixing it with pure ghee, applying it on the forehead, the power of vasikaran emerges. Make a mixture of coconut, jasmine flower, cottage cheese, tomato, kukunam and country ghee and put it in a cup. Continuous use of its tilak for a few days regularly, vaporization power is generated. After sunrise in auspicious day and auspicious wedding, start chanting the following mantra by mouthing the coral in the north. Chanting of 3 garlands for 31 days, the mantra becomes proven. Promoting the Mantra by using the same mantra at the time of annihilation of any object of the Vashikaran system 21 times by using this mantra, use it on the desired person. Speak the name of the desired person in place of the other. The person will be in your control. The mantra is as follows: Oo Namo Bhaskarayi Trilokatnama Amuk Mahaapithi in Vaishn Kuru Kuru Swaha Make a light by mixing the syringe with flowers and cotton cotton in Ravi Pushy Yoga (Pushy Nakshatra on Sunday) and burn that light with butter. Then remove the mascara from the flame of the burning flame. By putting this mascara in your eyes at night, all the world becomes in control. Such a mascara should not be given to anyone. In the pomegranate of the pomegranate mixing white teaspoons and mixing it together, the whole world becomes subdued. Prepare mascara with bitter gourd oil and cloth light. Seeing it by putting it in the eye becomes vashikaran. Grind the letters of the calf in the shadows, and grind them into the cow's milk. It is subdued by the seeker by whom the seeker goes to it.

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