Black Magic Symptoms

Today we tell you about the symptoms of dark magic. The only difference between the disease of black magic and that of the disease is that this disease is not physical, it is mental and it is as natural as you all know. There are also symptoms of physical illnesses, in the same way mental illnesses also have symptoms. Let's find out which are the symptoms that we should know that these are all the signs of black magic, the principal signs of magic

  • Do your business abruptly stop running.
  • Do you have a sudden loss in business.
  • Has your job suddenly lost?
  • Have you been sued by your enemy or someone special for you, without any reason.
  • Is your home being in trouble without any reason?
  • Your child or your wife or husband does not believe in you.
  • Do you have frequent deaths in your home?
  • Are there diseases in your home?
  • Is there a sudden fire in your house?
  • Is there a case of theft in your home or business place?
  • Do your hair suddenly become white?
  • Do you have scary dreams while sleeping?
  • Does your sweat start to smell?
  • Is it very painful in your head or in the whole body?
  • Has your family been suddenly paralyzed?
  • Does snake or other insects suddenly arise in your home?
  • Do the plaster of your house suddenly start falling.
  • There is a tightness of money in your home.
  • The stuff of electronics in your house has often started to get worse.
  • Is your relation suddenly broken?
  • When you talk, your eyes become red.
  • Do your pet's pets often sick or suddenly die?
  • Is there a black or brown cat coming in your house?
  • Do your employees leave the job often?
  • - It is a man's symptom that the person suffering does not have control over himself, he can do anything like he can squeeze his head in stone, or jump from above and give his life, and so on. Any work that can lead to his life.
  • If you dream and you see pasab or any kind of filth on your own.
  • If you have a pain in your head then it is also the signs of dark magic.
  • If your whole body is suffering or there is any kind of pain in the body, then this is also a symptom.
  • Even if you have pain in your back and kidney, you are still in its grip.
  • If there is a fire in your entire body and because of that your whole body is reciting.
  • If you are feeling jealous in your eyes and you are also getting urine again and again.
  • The fast pulsation of your heart and you feel that you are having difficulty in breathing, you may panic, and constantly having pain in your chest may also be a symptom.
  • One of the signs of black magic is also that you will get pimples of irritation, you will not feel like talking to anyone
  • The color of your face is also a reason, as much as the magic of loud words, the color of your face will be as much as the pigeon. You will feel weak every day.
  • Joy will not be experienced if you have plenty of happiness and yet you are unhappy, you can not enjoy any kind of happiness.
  • Frequent appetite, whatever you eat, go to five soon, which causes you to feel hungry.
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