Aghor vashikaran

  This is one of the most effective  vashikaran  spell that give you result within less time.  Before

doing this ritual think seriously.

Ingredients- red sindur

                      Soil of shamshan

                       Red carpet

                      Rosary of hakim

                      Photo  of the person whom you want vashikaran

 This ritual will be start on new moon (amavasya) do this ritual at any place where there is pin

drop silence . now place the soil under the red carpet.now face in south direction and put wear

the hakim rosary at photo of the person. Now put the sindur in your hand and chant the mantra

at 52 time . the mantra will be- om namah adeshaye  bherave kali putaave aave chint chitaye

karye siddh karaye.

After doing the ritual within two days the person will come in your control.

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