Do you want to get away from alcohol and intoxicants

In starting persons like to drink alcohols and intoxicants and slowly slowly become habitual. And after becoming habitual he cannot live without intoxicants. Even if person take cigrattes or alcohol at rare times he can also become habitual. But cigratte is not only harmful for him it is also harmful for surrounding. Even it can harm small childrens. By cigratte and alcohol your lungs , kidney can be damage badly . sometimes it can be a cause of death. People are totally depend on intoxicants.If you also want to get ride from this bad habits and want to live happily so here are some remedies by which your intoxicant, alcohol habit will go away. For this you have to do- take 100 grams amla and wash it now with salt give it some sunshine. Now when amla become dry put it in vessel and chant the mantra given below- मंत्र- । । ऐं श्रीं ऐं सर्वदुषनाय फट । (aen shri aen sarvdushnaye fat) After that wehever you want to take alcohol and any other intoxicant eat one amla you will see that you will start hating to take intoxicants for forever.

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