How to change the mind of your children

In today’s life most of the parents are suffering from stress of children. Because in this modern age childrens want a free life but somewhere they can distract from their path and mingled in bad habits. They can take alcohol , can go to bar and even they start failing in exams. These all are the cause of stress of parents. but every problem has solution. For this here are one of most effective remedy that can easily change the mind of your children. For this you have to do on any Monday of shrawan mas concentrate on worship of shiva put the siddh सर्वतोभद्र यंत्र'(sarvtobhadra yantra ) and do worship of shiva and parvati. and prayer for your child .and do the chant of mantras given below – ॐ पुत्रान देहि पशुपतये ॐ नमः

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