How to get lost money back

Lost money cannot be claimed easily with some common hunting approaches or to recover the lost money with some manual efforts is not so easy because everyone is in chase of money earning and once a loss other people ensures permanent loss. But every problem has solution. Here is some remedy by which you can easily get your lost money back. Our money spell is very efficient which will make anyone to return your money back without your pressure. And also If your investment is in some business and you find it drowning or incorrect decisions but stakeholders are not interested in returning it back to you. Or for any other sort of money earning approaches you are looking because it is the best way to in cur prosperity in your life. Some time it is seen that because of money your friendship will come at end, your relatives become enemy , if you have loss in business than family dispute can create. Everyone efforts a lot for start up a company, a business, a office, a factory or any of business. Because for start a business a lot of money requires but after starting a business with lot of efforts if someone cheats you or someone took your money, someone rob you financially then it can destroy you, because money is the root of every business.

Here are some effective remedy by which you can get your lost money in very few days..

  • On Friday take 2 piece of kapoor 2 diya .now in diya put the kapoor and burn it now cover the kapoor with another diya. When the diya become black and look like black kajal. Now with this black jakal write the name of that person on bhojpatra whom you want to get your money back. And chant the name of your god. And prayer that please give me back my money. Now after doing the prayer buried the bhojpatra under soil and cover it with heavy brick. Now you will see the result within few days.
  • On Sunday after bathing , prepare a water and drop 11 red chillies now give this water to surya (sun) and chant the mantra namah: namah: So if you face any problem while doing this ritual and want to know more than immediately contact with our acharya ji. Our acharya ji is a specialist. When no remedy work than our acharya ji’s remedy will be the last key that can open the door of happiness for you.
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