How to remove barriers from pregnancy

Bringing a new baby into the world is a very exhilarating and life-changing decision, but it can also be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. So much to consider: family support, financial capacity, lifestyle changes… It is essentially a leap Into the unknown. It is the biggest irreversible decision that you as a couple will ever make in each other’s life.

No matter how varied and different India’s culture may be, prevailing norms amongst all Indians indicate the necessity of starting one’s family as soon as possible. In the staunchly patriarchal society that we live in, the pressure to get pregnant never lets up. No so oner than a couple gets hitched, “when are we getting good news?” is the question on every well- meaning yet annoyingly intrusive aunt’s lips.

Difficulty or even a delay in getting pregnant can play havoc on a marriage. The stress can put excessive strain on relationships with your spouse, in -laws and extended families. So before you start trying for that little bundle of joy, turn to Vedic astrology to know what destiny has in store for you and your future children.

Jyotish Shastra, or Vedic Astrology, meaning the science of light has its origin in the ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas. The following are the key Jyotisha Indicators that are used to predict and enlighten us about the possibilities and the hindrances, if any, of having children:

Now a day’s lot of people suffering from childlessness , even after many years of marriage, lot of women are not able to get pregnant. They spend lot of money on medical treatments but do not get results. What are the reasons behind this.it may be due to bad planets in kundali or may be when garbh are bounded by some negative energy or by doing black magic.

It is the utmost blessing to be blessed by the Almighty to have a child and this is to be one of the greatest wealth. People feel a new life when they get a child. The happiness to have a child cannot be expressed; it is an emotion which can be only felt. Children are supposed to inherit the cultural value of the previous generations and keep it alive by carrying it further.When we cherish the birth of a child it is sure to keep us away from all worldly tensions. So if your are also facing these type of problem and want to get ride. Than immdeialty contact with our acharya ji his r remedies will work when no other thing give you a result. His remedies will remove all negative energy , dosh etc from your luck and kundali.

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