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Is your marriage is not happen. Is you and your family is in trouble about your marriage , are you overage and marriage is still not happened , is there any problem whenever your marriage fix at last moment it get cut. There may be many reasons why these type of marriage problem arises. Sometimes it is seen that due to bad planets marriage is not happened. It may be also due to your enemies they cut your marriage. Marriage is one of the knots that a person makes with another person to live life comfortably and happily. The boy and girl accept each other mentally, emotionally and physically. But due to changing times and varying lifestyles, the outlook of marriages has also changed. Now sometimes, marriages are becoming more a matter of tensions and worry for girls their parents. It is often heard that parents are unable to find “a suitable match” for their daughters and her marriage is getting delayed due to this reason. Deliberately delaying marriage is one thing but marriage getting delayed in spite of family’s efforts needs serious attention. There could be astrological reasons for delay in marriage. There could be several astrological reasons for delay in marriage.

  • Venus in the kundali of the person could be weak.
  • Whenever the owner of the seventh house is weak, the individual’s marriage is likely to get delayed due to it.
  • Whenever the malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars or Rahu faces in the direction of the seventh house individually or combined.
  • Marriage could also be delayed whenever the seventh house is completely unoccupied by any planet.
  • There could be the presence of various doshas in the kundali of the person such as Mangal or Nadi dosha.

It is also seen that some people kundali there is no yog of marriage. But above that one of the big problem of marriage arises when there is manglik dosh in your kundali. Sometimes the marriage get cut due to these reasons. When there is some dosh like kalsarp yog , manglik yog , pitradoshe etc. are there it can create problems in marriage. Many times it is seen that by some how marriage if happens they cant be stable and the marriage come at the stage of divorce.this all just because when there is some bad planets or dosh or some negative energy. So if are also facing problem regarding marriage not finding any solution so you don’t worry our acharya ji will help you. He is a specialist. His remedy is a last key that can open the close door of happiness for you. If you follow the remedies of our acharya ji than within fewdays you will see how your marriage will get fix.

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