Remedy to get ride away from enemy

In todays era every person have enemy. Enemy can be in many faces , some are hidden enemy , like your friends , your partner , your lover , your relatives , your competitor, your neighbour. If without any reason enemy is creating problem and want to harm you, some enemies are even in our family person also that love for money and want to destroy you. If you are also suffering from this enemy problem and want to get ride from this problem .than here is one of the very effective s pell/remedy by which within few days you will see the result . ON Saturday or on new moon(amavasya) take one piece of white cloth and write the name of your enemy by your figure with the help of black kajal. Now speak bad words to your enemy according to no. of alphabet in the name of your enemy name. now fold the white cloth and throw it in sough(ganda nala) . be careful that while returning home do not speak with any other person in your way.

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