Spells to get money on holi

This holi make your life fulfill with happiness, joyness ,and colourful. This holi will be lucky for you beacause we are going tell you some remedies by which you can easily get huge money on holi. For this you have to take one plate and put some cereals(wheat , rice , maize) etc. now cover the plate with red cloth. After covering the plate with red cloth put one hairy water coconut on plate put some tilak on coconut.now fold the cloth . now at night of holika you have to 7 times parikarma of holika .now give this covered coconut to the holika .and while retrurning home take some ashes and mix it with gangajal and spray it in whole house. And on next day the left cereals of plate give to the birds.by doing this ritual your life will be fulfill with happiness , love , money etc.

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