Bhishmak Mani

There are two types of Mohini Bhishmak Mani and Kamdev Bhishmak Mani. Mohini Bhismak Mani is also called Amrit Mani. Its color is yellow in diamond like a diamond. Its catchment areas are Himalayan, Vindhyachal, Sagar coast and coastal areas of Indus river. Kamdev Bhismam Mani comes out of the Bhishma stone, the reception site is Son river Gandak, Narmada and Indus coastal areas and Kashmir and Nepal. Its color resembles black, honey and yogurt alum. The person holding this becomes attractive. Smooth and beautiful, this gem eliminates the nervousness of the holder's heart. Bhishmak Mani: - This gem is of two types according to its color difference.

  • Mohini Bhishmak Mani- It is also known as Amrit Mani. Which is a mustard, pearl, or chrysanthemum flower or a yellowish color similar to the new leaves (copal) of the cloth that glows like a diamond. Usage method: --- Mohini Bhismak Mani is to be in the Adara Nakshatra of the Sun and if the Moon of Mesh, Gemini, Leo, Bula, Sagittarius, or Aquarius is wrapped, wrap the Mohini Bhishamak gem in cotton and keep it in water in the east direction. After this, on the arrival of the moon on Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, or Capricorn, there is good rainfall for keeping the gem in the western direction and doing it properly worshiping. After 5 days after the worship of Mani, there is good harvest during good rainfall. If there is rain in 10 days, food prices are cheap, if there is a continuous rain for 5 or 10 days, food prices will fall, due to continuous rainfall for 20 days there is a famine, there will be frequent up to 25 days, then on human society It should be understood that a terrible disaster is going to come. The effect of holding ---- By holding this gem, increase in money, happiness, health, and family and companionship happiness, and besides, victory over the enemy.
  • Kamdev Bhishmak Mani - It is like a mixture of black, honey or yogurt and alkali, which is soft, clean, and beautiful color and decay. The effect of wearing - the victory of the enemy by wearing Kamdev Bhismam Mani, besides all the aspirations are complete and it removes heart disease, heat and other ailments on wearing gem.
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