Bhoj Patra

Actually, the banquet is the name of the tree of the tree named Bhoj, not the leaf. The bark of this tree emerges as thin-thin layers in winter, which was mainly used as paper. Bhoj tree is found at a height of 4,500 meters in the Himalayas. It is a deciduous tree growing in a cold environment, which can be up to 20 meters high. Bhoj is said to be a birch or multivariate in Sanskrit. The second name is multi-purpose is more meaningful. Multicolor i.e. lots of textiles / bark tree. The banquet is called Himalayan silver birch in English and in the language of science as betula utility. This tree is very useful. Its leaves are small and edges dentate. On the tree, there are male and female compositions like Mulberry, which is called Manjari. The bark is thin, paper-shaped, on which the wind valves found on the stem in the form of horizontal stripes appear very clearly in dark colors. It is almost not bad, because it contains resin oil. The color of the bark has its various names [red, white, silver and yellow] birch. The outer bark of the banquet letter is smooth, whereas mango, neem, tamarind, peepal, banyan etc. mostly the bark of the tree is black, brown, rough, cracked and cracked. Eucalyptus and jam bark rises in irregular shaped pieces in the form of thick layers. The bark of the bhojaket leaves in the form of thin-skinned peels like a paper layer. Vasectomy To control anybody by using the instrument of Vashikaran mantra trips. If any person is useful to the chanting of various Vedic or Shabar mantras for the veneration of a man or a woman, worship of the instrument made in accordance with the various remedies also results in desirable results. This is possible with the machine made by writing the mantra on Bhoj papers. Its influence can be achieved without chanting powerful mantras. These are called Bhojshala Vashikaran Yojana. By the way, it is a kind of tantric device, which is prepared by meditation-siddhi on the euphemism of mother Kamakhya or Bhairav Dev with a red ink meditation. That is, according to the Vedic rituals performed by Tantric Sadhana and Mantras, there is also the Bhojshal Vashikaran like cloak, hair, ceyar gingi, black turmeric, salt and turmeric, photo, tilak etc, like vashikaran.

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