Ghrit Mani

Ghrit Mani // Grate gem // peridot

This mani is called Garun Mani in Sanskrit, Karakautuk in Hindi language or Karketan in Persian and so on in English. Ghee Mani- It is found in the coastal regions of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vindhyachal, Dronachal, Ganga and Indus river. Its colors are like red, yellow, green, black, and honey. Occasionally, spares like thick pistachios are also found on them. The gem does not seem to be seen, and Lakshmi is never confused with that person's house. Chanting on the necklace of the Grammani, any siddhi is received quickly. Put it in the ring in any auspicious time and put it in the lower part of the finger.

Grammani or Garuna Mani is a special type of stone or stone that is green, yellow, red, white, black, and honey mixed in color, which are spliced like pistachios.


Always hold innocent flame.

  • In the Gemini zodiac, when the sun or the moon is made, the gharamani is placed in a silver ring and in the constellation constellation is invited by the sun instrument and the finger of the left hand is placed in the ring finger.
  • When the sun lunar or Mercury on the girl's zodiac, the gharamani is inserted in the gold ring and the right hand of the hand is placed in the finger. Effect of wearing - Gravitation (Peridat) or Garanyamani in the Kanika finger, there is wealth, children, growth of affection, this gem is not afraid of bad eyes, epilepsy, etc., if it is to wear small children.
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