Kuber To Increase

Kuber To Increase Wealth Happiness And Prosperity In Life

According to the scriptures, the worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi should be worshiped for attaining wealth. Along with Mahadevi, worshiping the god of wealth, Kuber, also removes money related problems. For this reason worshiping any goddess and worshiping them also is very beneficial. In order to increase wealth, happiness and prosperity in life, many ways have been described according to the scriptures. Those who adopt good fruits are adopted. One of these measures is to keep a statue or photo of Kuber Dev in the house. Kuber is also the most beloved servant of Lord Shiva. Due to being overlords of wealth, they can be pleased with Mantra Sadhana. The devotee who gets his happiness becomes rich. Chanting the Kuber mantra should be done on the south side. Kuber Mantra: O Shree, Oo Hree Shrimaan, Oo Hreei Shree Klee Viteshwarrai: Namah. It is best to chant this mantra in a Shiva temple. If this measure is done by sitting near the roots of the tree, then it is better.

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