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Rhinestone Mani: - Rhinestone known in English language, known as Quartz, is also known as Villaur. Rhinestone gem - its color is white glossy. This Pushkar, Vindhyachal is found in the Himalayan coastal areas, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. This gem's garland is used to prove the mechanism. By holding it, prosperity, fast and strength is achieved.

Rhinestone is a frozen year on the glaciated peaks of India, which has remained dewy from ages and has become a stone, therefore its taste is cool according to Ayurveda. It is this gem that is said to be the garland in the hands of Goddess Saraswati of Vidya. Therefore it is also called the Goddess of Knowledge of Mother Saraswati.

The effect of holding - as I have already mentioned that this knowledge is considered to be the goddess of the Goddess; therefore, by holding the ring of this gem, happiness, property, patience, wealth, wealth, form, force, semen, achievement, fast And intelligence is attained. The chants made on the beads of this gem are immediately achieving accomplishment.

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