Tail Mani

Rare & Natural Tail Mani // Tourmaline

This gem in Hindi is called Udayak, Uddok and Tourmaline in the English language. Oil Mani- It is found in red white and yellow color. Being shiny and sleek as oil, it is called Tailmani. By holding this gem, it increases only in strength, virginity, as well as aroma of the person who wears the body. It is good to wear it whenever it is Friday on the New Moon Day.

This gem is of reddish white, yellow, and black color, and when it is touched it looks like oil. On putting the white oil in the fire, it is yellow and after wrapping it in a cloth, the third day becomes yellow, but when placed in the open space, it becomes a real white as before. Experiment - On sunset on Aries, on the day of Rohini Nakshatra or Purnamasi, on the day of Mangal var(Tuesday), on the same day, the farmland should be dug by digging 4-5 cubits deep in the field and covered with clay, then it produces much more than normal food. is. Along the way, this gem is embedded in the ring and it increases the growth and strength. With this effect, deodorant is destroyed from the body. This gem must be taken innocent, otherwise there may be a loss.

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