Owl for happiness,wealth and prosperity.

Owl is actually a symbol of "Lakshmi". There is still evidence of this. The businesspeople who used it as "trade marks" began to skyrocket their business.

The business symbol of "world famous weapon dealer" Onassis "and wife of former President of America" Jacqueline Kennedy "is owl, she is Kharbapati. The person who looks at the owl's mark at the main entrance of his business place, Lakshmi resides there.

It is mentioned in Indian mythological stories that the Goddess of owl wealth is the vehicle of Lakshmi and therefore she can not be a fool. In Hindu culture, it is believed that owls bring prosperity and wealth. Ever get a "owl's wings" at any time before Deepawali. On the night of Deepawali, wrap that wing in a red cloth under the statue of Laxmi or under the picture. After worshiping Mata Lakshmi, take out that feathers from the bottom of the picture of Lakshmi ji and grind it, placing it in a copper plate and burning it on the fire of the goetha. Put the incantation in red clothes and keep the box in the cash box, the safe, where there is a place to bind the rupees.

As long as this "Tulsi Bhootkatali Batali" will remain in your house, the business will be shining.

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